Out EP

by Tau Tau

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Inspired by the nonspecific concept of "identity pop," this new EP features two songs from the forthcoming Tau Tau full-length "OneWorld Star".


released June 19, 2012

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Conrad Tao.
"U Been Had" samples "Boudica" by Leila and "Sibling Topics (section a)" by Ryan Trecartin.



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Tau Tau Manhattan, New York

Tau Tau is New York-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Conrad Tao.

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Track Name: Out
You try to be the radical leftist in your group of friends.
You try to stay awake for the show, but it never ends.
Does it ever hurt to be indignant all the time?
Do you ever get exhausted from the strain of identities?

You want to be out.

The archetypes confuse you and you're left feeling all alone.
You're searching for a scene you can confidently call your own.
Listening to punk and you think you're so unique,
but you're just another kid trying way too hard to be street.

You want to be out.

I believe in singularity.
Track Name: Choices
Are you sad that I don't live up to the nonspecific ideal of the perfect human being: an occasionally law-abiding idealistic peacefully protesting city-dweller with supportive parents living in the Midwest?

Well, I admit, I'm not a rebel.
I wasn't made for crimes.
I try to stay out of trouble.
You say I'm wasting time.

Oh, baby, I will search for centuries to prove you wrong.
Oh, baby, I will search till time begins again.

"Hello! We've noticed you're using a life hack, Missing Me, that can cause serious problems for you and your system. While we love encouraging you to think up ideas for your own life, the unsupported methods being used here create risks on your safety, interfere with our ability to develop and scale your existence, and create a huge burden for our maintenance team."

Do you think that I want to be part of your ridiculous scheme to empower your whole kind by insisting that we are the masters of our fate and have agency and therefore bring all this shit on ourselves?

Well, I don't know what you've been reading.
I think you're in your head.
I'm simply trying to live.
You're busy seeing red.

Oh, baby, I will search for centuries to prove you wrong.
Oh, baby, I will search till time begins again.
Track Name: Codependency
We were never trying to understand everything.
I just wanted to hear you and be a good go-between.

You and your brethren settle for self-awareness
and stop at self-actualization.
Simply put, you hold me up and shoot me down.

And my hand gets cut off at the wrist.
And my eyes are split into a hundred tiny fragments.
And each one cuts you at the mouth.
And each one burns your tongue, inside out.

I don't pretend to know everything.
And I won't pretend to know nothing.
I am searching, always looking,
my pupils dilating into the night.

We were never trying to understand everything.

I would take a knife between us to make a clean break,
but although I know you give I don't know if you can take.
So please don't confront me when you're filled up to the brim.
It won't work.

What was the agreement?
What was the plan?
Where did we begin?
Oh baby, where do we end?
Track Name: U Been Had
I am not your mother warlord.
I am not my sister's car floor.
Lovers, mothers, brothers, sisters:
fuckers learning how to be

Cuz boy I think that you been had
and you're sitting right here next to me,
your heart is beating red.
And boy you say that you been bad.
Well, you've either got the scars for it
or veins of molten lead.

Rich white boys in a rich white town
punch each other out on their own front lawns,
and attempt to feel like they're alive
cuz for them it ain't hard to survive.
And I want things to be different.
What's this now? What's your newest cash cow?
Your dumb business can suck it.
Cuz I don't care, so
fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.
I was shouting your name in the dark,
feeling your bite but deaf to your bark.
Your veins of steel don't work for me, no.
Who you think you are, boy, Tony Stark?
Come on, I don't have time for this bullshit.
In my corner, people know shit.
And I got a toolbox filled with toys
so close your eyes, get ready, let's do it.

Faceless torso, you think you've seen some stuff.
Well I hate to break it to you, but you ain't so tough. (No.)
You play your role and I will play mine.
But don't think that, for a moment, you can step out of line.

Let's go,
clench your teeth,
feel it coursing to your feet.
Your cries,
empty lies,
well they sound so sweet.
Track Name: 1497
Lurching in,
hooks bared,
and you forget how to bleed,
building layers of haze
that is ours to share.

Open skin, shatter shells.
I'd still be happier.

Hover over lover under covers:
hidden treasure,
flashing gold and glowing,
and growing.
When lightning finally strikes
the fire escape,
I don't want to be alone.

Open skin, shatter shells.
I'd still be happier.